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Truphone is a GSMA accredited global mobile network that operates its service internationally. The company is headquartered in London and has offices in ten other countries, being spread across four continents.


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Sales (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place. There were no pros: Cons: Too many to list"

Legal Administrator/Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Truphone was one of the most exciting and enjoyable places to work. Everyday, I enjoyed going to work with wonderful people and a fantastic boss. I learned a great deal regarding Corporate structure and law and they were never too busy to take the time with any employee to ensure the company was successful. Cons: None."

Verkoop (Current Employee) says

"Werken voor Truphone begon als een groot avontuur. Een challenger in de markt met een unieke propositie. Echter, de huidige directie heeft geen plan en is enkel geinteresseerd in marge en knijpt daarmee het bedrijf dood. Cons: Slecht management"

RVP Channel Development, Western US (Former Employee) says

"Truephone has a very compelling technology. When I was employed with them they weren't ready for prime time and tried to launch Nationally too fast with direct sales reps with no market recognition or market share. They burned through cash very fast and ended up shutting down operations in the USA. They seem to be moving back into the USA market with a more focused service offering and focus. Cons: No Market Recognition"

Consultant Analyst (Current Employee) says

"friendly people have worked here which has been a big plus."

Systems Integration Designer/Solution Architect (Current Employee) says

"It takes months to deliver a simple "Hello World" program because there are many bottlenecks and the management is very slow in deciding what is good and what is bad; and spend millions doing something which is not of great value to customers."

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"For such a young company it they are set in their ways that have proven that do not work with such rigidity that if they do not change and quickly any possibility of a future will be seriously compromised despite the fact that they have a great product."

Global Head of Recruitment (Current Employee) says

"Three restuctures in 3 years.. now verything moving to portugal... all technology adn service moving to Portugal adn finance to Poland ll tehegreat people recruited over tehelast 3 years to London now out of work. sad days Cons: constant change, Exec not focused enough"

Employment Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I would prefer not to say as the company has good and very bad points about it... Cons: No personal development or progression from your current role into other areas of the business."

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company culture was great, the compensation plan looked promising, management was excellent however the direction of the company was not. The company could not seem to adapt to their competitors pricing. The idea of a "one-world sim" was great however the pricing for the plans were super expensive and non-competitive in the telecommunication industry."

Business Development Executive (Current Employee) says

"Monday to Friday, 9-5.30 in central London."

Project and Service Delivery Manager (Former Employee) says

"Good but only has a small presence in Australia. Company needs to invest in more sales people to make their presence known. Total of 3 employees in AU."

Inside Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Start up environment but great product... Really enjoyed the atmosphere and the people... the company is ahead of it's time and with a real push in the US it can be something special"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Truphone full-time for less than a year Cons: Local management was a joke, very egotistical and cliquish. Hard to be a new employee there, actually enjoyed seeing the "tenured" managers get laid off."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Truphone full-time Cons: N Y Client Services has too much control and does not collaborate effectively."

US Employee says

"I worked at Truphone Cons: Management is clueless, product offerings useless in US."

Director says

"I have been working at Truphone for more than a year Cons: Corporate edict was a powerful message that all companies should adopt. However very seldom followed by executive committee and middle management"

Former Employee - Marketing Manager says

"I worked at Truphone full-time for less than a year Cons: Leadership had no clue. often resorted to insults and expletives as standard operating procedure (aka Motivation). Mass hiring in mid 2014 was not thought out, and as a result, layoffs and closing of US offices by end of year 2014. No "lead from the front" leaders here. Just yes-men anxious to cash out when this company sells."

Current Employee - Sales Executive says

"I have been working at Truphone full-time for more than a year Cons: low pay unclear vision must work in office"

Inside Sales Executive says

"I worked at Truphone Cons: Truphone is unstable and will most like shutdown the US locations due to improper handling of their financials."

Sales Manager says

"I worked at Truphone Cons: Close minded leadership to US standards. Corporate America does not run on T-Mobile"


"I worked at Truphone for less than a year Cons: Sales, marketing, and fulfillment practices"

Thierry says

"After buying 20 esim for my work on the Digikey website, I was unable to grab any working network on my device.

Customer service was polite but pretty long to answer. We went through a number of emails where he wanted to check some parameters then he pushed me in the hands of the technical support. They keept saying that I should connect to Orange France network but the device didn't. Tried different devices and lost a lot of time to manipulate, change esim, reconnect, change the config, reconnect, ... (I am a telecom cellular engineer so I had no worries with the technical terms)

After several weeks, I didn't plan that this operation would have taken me so much time, I switched to Things Mobile that is cheaper, easier to configurate and works like a charm.

To be noted, I was not able to retrieve my money back since my account has been deactivated !"

jane bi says

"Every one pays attention !!! Don’t use this company!!! This is The Worst Company in the world !!! I bought prepaid phone card from them. Last week, I bought a new phone and turned on the wifi, and then they started charge my credit card $15 - $20 every day until I checked my credit card. I called them, they said it is my fault, because I didn’t turn off my data usage. Has anyone heard prepaid phone card that can automatically to connect to your cell phone data usage??? They cheat!!!"

Public name says

"I have received call from truphone sim, calling back to voice mail says ' the number is not recognised please check your number and try again', weird. 😄"

Jur says

"Worst company ever, very bad customer service!!!
I will never tell anyone to use or trust them.

Peor empresa de lineas de movil, nunca contratas con ellos. Servicio de cliente malisimo"

Emacco says

"The esim didn’t work. It kept saying that it wasn’t detected and nothing I did worked. I reached out to support but, even though everyone was very kind, all suggestions were like “activate your account” - I did that 10h ago; “reset the phone” - also did that twice already. Then, I was asked to manually install the esim, but it also didn’t work, so I took a print of the issue and they forwarded it to the tech team. And this is where I got really upset because the answer from the tech team was that I need to have wifi on while installing the esim. My wifi was on. You can see it connected on the print I send! What kind of useless answer is that?! So I gave up because it has been over 24h of going over this without any proper development or efficient help and asked for a refund. Again, the support team was very kind and polite, the product was the problem."

Richard Hall says

"I travel to the US several times a year, staying up to six weeks at a time. Wanted a local phone number so I could receive text messages from the various organisations I deal with, including my bank here in the US.
I now find that my Truphone number is not accepted or valid with several of the organisations/bank that I deal with.
What a total waste of time and money. When I contacted Truphone to ask why I was not receiving texts from my Bank, I was told that Truphone has not approved my Bank for receiving machine generated SMS messages. They cannot tell me if, and when they will approve my Bank. I have also found that several large retail organisations such as Target also do not recognize the phone number for SMS notifications.
What a total waste of time having a Truphone number in the US.
I will let the account expire and move on. Waste of $30.00
Don't recommend Truphone to anybody. Be very careful if you sign up for a Prepaid SIM and expect to receive SMS notifications from various Banks & Retail organisations, as you will not be getting them!!
Customer Support is about as useful as a chocolate teapot, as they cannot provide you with any answers - useless!!
Glad I found out now before I invested some serious prepaid cash on my SIM."

Tom says

"Hey Truphone,
Nobody said the the charges were not valid.
I am used to being blamed by Truphone customer support for my “poor usage techniques.”
What I said was that your price structure is no longer practical or competitive, and that is a plain and simple fact.

Your customer

Hi Sir,
Hope you are well.
We have reviewed your most recent charges and can confirm that all charges are valid. Also I can see that your auto top up has already been disabled. Hence you now have full control of your top ups.
All our rates are indicated on our website.
We are constantly in the process of improving our product offerings, though not much has changed with our prepay SIM service.

We have recently launch our eSIM service for the latest iPhone XS, XR and XS Max.

Thank for understanding.

Kind Regards,
Truphone Help Team

--------------- Original Message ---------------
From: Customer
Sent: 1/30/2019 1:11 AM
To: Truphone
Subject: Keeping up with the times

I am [customer], Truphone phone number xxx-xxx-xxxx

Just got back from India where I used my Truphone SIM as sparingly as possible for two weeks, followed by my Verizon $10 per day unlimited calling and data plan. Truphone’s costs, which used to be competitive, are now ridiculously expensive. You sucked $120 out of my credit card and I hardly used the service at all.

It’s just the way the market has developed. I’ve been recommending Truphone for about 6-8 years or so, and on this trip all of my colleagues agreed, Truphone is functional but too expensive. And whenever I’ve needed help, I get someone in the Philippines who very politely lets me know that it’s my fault. This email for example: who wrote it? Someone named Truphone Customer Support? Not even a decision maker or a real human being."

Tom says

"They were a great option for european / asian travel six years ago, but as of 2019 they failed to adapt and are now a complete ripoff and a waste of money."

Daniel De Lange says

"What a terrible experience. 1) they didn't adapt their pricing structure to the new European roaming legislation, 2) many many 'outings' the last few months (meaning on or two days without signal at all, 3) no compensation for outings, 4) non-existing customer service > super slow in response.

I ran away from them and pay 65% less."

Customer says

"I did not get it to work."

Henry Balkwill says

"Very Expensive for what it is."

Daisuke Hashimoto says

"I used it for my Ipad in Germany. Connection unstable."

RM says

"I have been with Truphone since August of last year. I have had MANY issues with them. Customer service is polite but EXTREMELY INEFFECTIVE. They love repeating themselves and it takes days and many emails to try and resolve simple questions....and at the end they ask you if there's anything else they can help you with...when they haven't solved your initial problem!

They have an OPAQUE billing system. Bills are not easy to read. Terms seem to change without notice. Service in many places is spotty, or not available.

The concept of Truphone seemed too good to be true, which is why I was willing to give it a try. It has turned out to be a HUGE disappointment. I asked for a PAC number today and will be leaving. Based on my personal experience, I think that anyone considering signing up should be very skeptical that Truphone will really give them the service and pricing experience the are expecting."

CC says

"I've had our small company (35 lines) with Truphone for some years.
The technology has stayed the same, but the support has got significantly worse over the last couple.
A recent service request really took the biscuit...

On Truphone our CEO (who was abroad) couldn't reply to his bank fraud alerts, so his card got blocked.
Truphone apparently doesn't allow outgoing SMS messages to those bank service numbers (ones that don't start with 07***).
I was told previously, months ago, that this was fixed. It wasn't.
Now their response is 'ask bank X to stop sending your CEO fraud alerts - that will fix the problem'.
I wish I was joking.

No other network has this restriction to service numbers, just Truphone. No other human would suggest that to solve what is Truphone's lack of technical ability, you should reduce your awareness of bank fraud on your accounts.

Needless to say we're looking to move everyone off Truphone now. It's a shame, because on paper their product looks good. In reality, they appear to have gutted their staff so don't have the ability to respond to legitimate service concerns."

renob says

"My experience with Truphone has been mixed. Functionality is great, though customer service is atrocious. For nearly 3 weeks now I've been trying to get an explanation and waiver for +100 EUR in overage charges (which have no basis) to no avail. Takes days for someone to *somewhat* respond to my email. In other words, so long as it works, it's fine but as soon as there's a minor issue, it turns into a big headache."

spent_some_GB_in_10_minuits says

"Truphone spent some GB in 10 minuits! I will not use your service anymore!"

Jo says

"To be fair - I cannot comment on the product as I could not get the esim, which I paid for, to work.

Customer service was polite and we went through a number of the usual trouble shooting exercises over a number of email exchanges but nothing worked. I gave up after being led down some fruitless solution paths.

Just to test if my phone was faulty - I bought an esim from a different company and that installed fine and worked.

I have yet to know if I can get a refund or a working esim.

Summary - the product might be fine but I could not get it to work. Customer service although polite were slow to reply by email (definitely not within their 60min performance pledge) and offered generic and non-workable solutions. Luckily i didn't spend much on the esim and will move onto other companies with
a more compatible product.

Update : so after a week of back and forth emails, customer service consulted their tech help dept and came back with reinstallation instructions which solved the issue. Service has worked perfectly since.
Updated rating to 3 stars to reflect great product let down by a slow / frustrating troubleshooting experience."

Customer says

"A few dead spots for signal throughout London and area. Take a while for the Apple Sim to find the available networks. Other than that things were great."

David Eves says

"Very simple setup on iPad pro. Used truphone a few times during the trial period and it worked fine. In the end I used 3 as service provider as the deal offered was better than truphone with regards data and cost"

Customer says

"Very slow in Melbourne, Australia."